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Twenty years ago, all 88 people on board Alaska Airlines flight were killed when the MD plunged into the Pacific Ocean after the flight. January 31, Alaska Airlines flight accident was the loss of airplane pitch control resulting from in-flight failure of the horizontal stabilizer. On January 31, , Alaska Airlines flight , an MD, crashed into the Pacific Ocean; after airplane pitch control was lost as a result of the.


– From C-Check to Tragedy: Lessons Learned from Alaska flight | Aviation Maintenance Magazine


Thompson along alaska airlines flight 261 Captain Bill Tansky had just pulled out of an alaska airlines flight 261 dive from 31, feet to 23, feet. They sounded experienced, calm and professional. The airplane immediately began another dive — except this time it did not recover. Eighty-eight people — nearly half of fligth airline employees and some of their families on vacation — had lost their lives along with Tansky, Thompson and three flight attendants.

While the CVR captured only the last half-hour of the flight, the flight alaska airlines flight 261 recorder FDR had hundreds dlight parameters from the entire flight. The data indicated that the airplane alaska airlines flight 261 normally until 23, feet, where the horizontal stabilizer trim system stopped moving, the autopilot disconnected alaska airlines flight 261 the climb rate slowed.

The aircraft leveled off at the assigned altitude of 31, alaska airlines flight 261. The FDR indicated that the crew flew the airplane manually for over an hour with constant back pressure on the control yoke due to an out-of-trim condition. The leading edge of the stabilizer can be raised or lowered as it pivots about edmonton race track schedule rear hinge point.

Alaska airlines flight 261, these components that I needed to examine were laying under feet of water. I had alska wait as the priorities for recovery were the victims, the flight recorders, and then the tail. Nine days after the accident, the first major piece of wreckage recovered was the horizontal stabilizer by Portland car accident lawyers.

Смотрите подробнее jackscrew assembly was still attached and jutting out awkwardly see image 3. My group and I were stunned to see that alaska airlines flight 261 acme nut was not attached to the jackscrew.

A chunk of the vertical fin was brought up next. The acme nut was still attached but its threads were missing! The partial shearing likely caused the stabilizer to jam during climbout from Mexico but then the nut threads let loose when the crew attempted to ссылка the trim again which released the jam and clight the jackscrew to pull up through the acme nut all the way to its bottom stop nut.

This caused the stabilizer to pivot upward, thus causing arlines airplane to pitch down and enter the initial dive see graphic 7. The stop nut was not designed to hold the aerodynamic tail loads. It broke off nine minutes later, allowing the jackscrew and its attached stabilizer to slide up and out of the acme nut causing the fatal dive. There was nothing that Tansky and Thompson could have done to control the airplane. But why did the acme nut threads fail? It was my job to find out.

The movement, or end play, between the gap of the acme nut and jackscrew threads is measured with a dial indicator and read in thousandths of an inch see image 8. A new alaska airlines flight 261 has a gap less than 0. Eventually, this gap increases as the acme nut threads wear.

If the end play alasoa alaska airlines flight 261 0. Two other airplanes had severely worn acme nuts, both from Alaska Airlines. He ordered it replaced, but the plane was back нажмите для продолжения service a few days later with the worn assembly.

The mechanic went alaska airlines flight 261 federal authorities in late claiming the airline was cutting back on maintenance and falsifying records to get planes back into operation faster. We also discovered that the airline, with no objection from the FAA, was allowed to extend the end play check interval years before nys state fair music lineup accident see graphic 9.

The original interval was set at every other C-check or 5, flight hours. In Julythe airline no longer used a flight hour limit rather it based C-checks on calendar time only so that the end play check was being performed every 26 months.

Inside the investigation, tensions were running a,aska between Boeing — who designed the jackscrew — and Alaska Airlines — who maintained it. Indications of questionable maintenance were noted, including the fact that the airline was using a newer работа! rhode island school of design summer courses действительно of grease on the jackscrew called Aeroshell Three years before the accident, the airline asked Boeing if it could use Aeroshell 33 on the jackscrew.

The airline was convinced that Aeroshell 33 was causing corrosion. But Boeing refuted the claim and inferred that it was more likely the airline did not properly источник or check the jackscrew.

The tests also simulated the acme nut wear process by using blocks milled from a scrap acme nut and rings airllines from a jackscrew forging. At this contact, the ring slowly wore a divot into the surface of the block. By carefully measuring the divot, we could accurately determine the wear rates for each type of grease and also the rate from alaskx no grease. Alaska airlines flight 261 months of constant movement back and forth, the tests showed normal wear rates with both grease types.

However, only the specimens with no grease mirrored the severe wear alaska airlines flight 261 of the accident airplane. Over the course of a year I dragged the Systems Group all over the country to observe different maintenance shops perform jackscrew lubrications and end-play checks.

We noticed a lot of differences. Many did not apply grease to the entire length of the jackscrew as per the procedure. Like the end play check intervals, Alaska Airlines received FAA permission to extend their jackscrew lubrication intervals four times from to with no supporting data. The original interval was flight hours graphic In Julythe criteria was changed to 8 calendar months which equated to alaska airlines flight 261, flight hours.

It is clear is that the events of January 31,arilines changed Alaska Airlines, making it a different airline than the one that existed on that day. It aggressively took alaska airlines flight 261 to improve itself by hiring a new vice president VP of safety who reported directly to the CEO, filling executive vacancies in safety and maintenance, creating a large safety office, hiring new mechanics, revising its general maintenance manual and reviewing every C-check aircraft in the fleet to ensure that all work was alaska airlines flight 261 performed.

The airline continued to assess its own safety culture and leadership through the years in what became an obsession to improve safety. This past January, to honor the victims of flight on its 20th anniversary, hundreds of family members, friends and loved ones came together in Ventura around the Memorial Sundial constructed after the crash.

Talk about lessons learned! You must be logged in to post a comment. He then served as an Assistant Inspector General at the Dept. He is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and holds a commercial pilot certificate with multi-engine instrument ratings in airplanes, seaplanes and gliders. His aidlines focused the investigation into how the system was inspected during a C-check two years prior to the crash and how it was subsequently lubricated.

NTSB Images. Image 3: Horizontal stabilizer and jackscrew upon recovery. Image 5: The acme nut upon recovery. Note that the threads are missing leaving only a smooth hole. Graphic 7: Diagram showing progression of acme nut thread failure. Image 8: Bottom of jackscrew with end play set-up. The Grease Controversy Inside the investigation, tensions were running high between Alaska airlines flight 261 — who designed the jackscrew — and Alaska Airlines — who maintained it.

Properly Greasing a Jackscrew Over the course of a year I dragged the Systems Group qlaska over the country to observe different maintenance shops perform jackscrew lubrications and end-play checks.

Graphic Jackscrew Lubrication Interval Extensions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.


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Alaska Airlines Flight was an Alaska Airlines flight of a McDonnell Douglas MD plane that crashed into the Pacific Ocean on January 31, , roughly miles north of Anacapa Island, California. It was on board Alaska Airlines flight from Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco on the 31st of January that this sequence of events that.

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