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The closest airports, other than their small regional airport are Atlanta 3 hours or Charlotte 2 hours. Southwest is asheille largest airline at Pittsburgh International Airport according to passenger volume. Traveling from Charlotte. Trade Southern charm and comfort for something new.

Asheviille Douglas International Airport charmeck. The airline is expanding service from the Northeast to seven does southwest airlines fly to asheville north carolina destinations, including Asheville. The flights will begin in the summer offeaturing nonstop flights from Asheville to Boston.

Trevor Zboncak is a bit of an old grump, but he’s also one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. He loves to travel and see new places, but he’s not a fan of does southwest airlines fly to asheville north carolina or long flights. Trevor has been all over the world, and he has some детальнее на этой странице stories to tell. He’s also a great photographer, and his pictures will take your breath away. Contents 1 Does Southwest fly into Asheville? See also Is Chicago a terrible city?

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Does southwest airlines fly to asheville north carolina. Does Southwest fly into Asheville NC?


The closest airports, other than their small ashevillle airport are Atlanta 3 hours or Charlotte 2 hours. Southwest is the largest airline ссылка на подробности Pittsburgh International Airport according to southwesh volume.

Traveling from Charlotte. Trade Southern charm and comfort for soutwhest new. Charlotte Douglas International Airport charmeck. The airline is expanding service from the Northeast to seven new destinations, including Asheville. The flights will does southwest airlines fly to asheville north carolina in the summer offeaturing nonstop flights from Asheville to Boston. Trevor Zboncak is a bit of an old grump, but he’s also one of the soutwhest people you’ll ever meet.

He loves to travel and see new places, but he’s not a fan of airports or long flights. Does southwest airlines fly to asheville north carolina has been all over /18588.txt world, and he has some amazing stories to tell. He’s also a great photographer, and his pictures will take your breath away. Contents 1 Does Southwest fly into Asheville? See also Is it better to visit Albuquerque or Santa Fe? See also How far is Charlotte from the mountains?

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Southwest Airlines CEO discusses whether it will add more destinations – Pittsburgh Business Times


In a Sept. If those are successful, then there’s every reason to believe that we would want to continue to pursue that right now. Kelly said there are upwards of 70 more cities — or 50 on the conservative side — where Southwest could expand in the U. He pointed to the problem Southwest faced last year when it didn’t have enough capacity to match demand because of the grounding of the Max aircraft, and how much that situation differs from the current crisis the company is facing.

So, it actually provides an interesting opportunity to go after those dots that we haven’t been able to pursue. As far as other cities Southwest could enter, Pelletier pointed to some destinations with high leisure traffic. Pros: “From entering the airport, gate, and plane- nothing is more pleasant and efficient than Allegiant flights. Cons: “I am ok with it but the walk way was so filthy on my return trip.

I know plane was late and we boarded late I realize it was messy from cl”. Pros: “Nonstop on time and as expected”. Pros: “Wow so nice to have an economical fare to Baltimore! On time, courteous, uneventful flight.

Couldn’t ask for more. Pros: “Love this flight from Belleville to Punta Gorda. On time and great crew. Pros: “Snacks were good but we had to pay for them. Pros: “Didn’t mind paying for bags, seat, snacks, drinks, Cons: “10hour delay!!! No weather problem.. Cons: “Both original and 2nd plane had malfunctions which caused extensive delays and doubled boarding time”. Cons: “Did not check in or take this flight. Trip up to NJ was so bad I could not fly back. Tried to contact company and was told they could not assist in anyway.

So lost ticket cost. Live and Learn. Do not fly this line. Pros: “No much”. Cons: “The flight was over 5 hours late. We were supposed to leave at PM and didn’t leave until about PM. I fly this route frequently and Allegiant has a terrible problem with on-time flights and communications with passengers waiting for their flights. I am not certain what the problem is, but it is a significant issue with them. Captain was “bubbly” and upbeat without properly managing the passengers’ expectations.

Bad public relations. Cons: “First they delayed the flight and then they cancelled the day of and I had to book a whole new flight for the day which was costly. I will never recommend that airline to anyone and I wanted to like it since I looked at their website and it looked very military friendly, but it was just disappointing”. Cons: “Nothing”. Pros: “Best flight for its Price. It was on time. Pros: “Cheap”. Cons: “Literally had to pay for every little thing that is usually included in other airline tickets.

Pros: “Loved their crew and the way they contacted you over the internet to remind you to check in, etc. Pros: “flight took off on time”. Cons: “Having to pay for drinks. But, I didn’t even not mind it that much. I’d much rather a cheaper flight”. Pros: “Smooth boarding”. Pros: “Staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Plane was very clean and more spacious than any other airline coach seats. We departed on time and arrived 15 minutes early at our destination. Flight price was hundreds of dollars cheaper and the only airline which offered non-stop service from nyc to Knoxville, TN.

Cons: “Honestly i have no complaints. Pros: “everything was organized, friendly and right on time”. Cons: “seats are an in thick.

Pros: “The outbound leg went well except for the very uncomfortable seats that are thinly padded and do not recline.

Cons: “The return trip left five hours late due to a faulty plane. I appreciate not using a plane that was mechanically not working. I also appreciate that we did finally leave on the same day we were to leave. The replacement plane was as uncomfortable as the plane used in the first leg of my round trip. Pros: “The crew was nice”. Cons: “It was over crowded, the person in front of me spilt their entire coffee on my bag and with everyone wearing masks no one can hear you.

When I went to get my luggage they just tossed it and then entire bag opened up. My luggage was not over stuffed nor was it even close to the weight limit. Everything flew out of the bag when it came down the carousel. Cons: “Engine was super loud on takeoff – to the point where passengers were looking around worried that something wasn’t right. Eventually it seemed to be switched off once we hit the clouds and we seemed to sort of coast quietly for a minute or so – also alarming to everyone judging by the non-verbal behavior that suddenly everyone was exhibiting.

Then it came back on again but only at half the volume. Nothing was mentioned about it by the captain or crew so I spent the rest of the flight wondering if the engine was going to give out part way through the flight. Pros: “The flight was quick for the time we were in the air. Cons: “This flight was delayed by over an hour.

The plane is tiny so overhead space barely fits a briefcase and the seats are smaller than normal. Since this is a smaller aircraft, unfortunately that is expected. Pros: “I liked everything was excellent”.

Cons: “There was a 10 minutes delay”. Pros: “Nothing! Cons: “Kayak sent me a message that our connecting flight out of O’Hare was boarding at gate B5. However, checking the monitors in the terminal showed the correct gate was B21, which is on the opposite end of the terminal. I don’t know why Kayak had the wrong information on this. We barely made our connecting flight because our starting flight was over 30 minutes late, which was United’s fault.

This made rushing to the correct gate for our connecting flight all the more stressful. No time to stop at the bathrooms or pick up something to eat. Both United and Kayak let me down on getting back to Hartford.

We arrived at the end of boarding with no room left for our bags in the overheads so we had to check them and pick them up at the carousel. A totally BAD flight experience. I really like the free United movies to keep my mind off being up in the air. Wish it was standard on all their flights. It was also weird that the pilot came out of the cockpit before the flight and addresses us all using the crew mic.

It was weirdly uncomfortable since it has never happened on any of the other 10, flights I have taken. Made me think something was wrong. Cons: “Placed in middle seat with no options for isle or window due to my ticket. No problem with that if the people next to me were not so big. Young woman to my left by window was tall and broad and slept but took up all elbow and shoulder space. Guy to my right was very obese, sweaty so kept wiping his neck, head, and face with a cloth.

Also had terrible body odor. I spent the entire flight in a narrow middle seat, hunching my shoulders due to lack of space. Both people taking up some of what little room I had. Pros: “United Airlines Flight Left on time. It was a Boeing so it had a lot of room. Cons: “The flight attendants seemed focused only on the small First Class section and rushed through everything in the Economy Class. They rushed through the “Food Service” and didn’t want to answer questions about what is on their menu.

The menu was removed from the magazines in our row. Fortunately, we brought our own snacks. The Economy CLass cabin had a terrible odor. It really smelled. Maybe they should clean the plane once in a while. Then, they allow you to connect to their entertainment system.

This was a nine hour flight from Hell. I think I prefer Frontier Airlines. Although the airlines make you pay for everything now, at least you expect some attention and food options and a plane that doesn’t smell. It was nauseating. Don’t even ask me about the “Miles” that they keep screwing up Pros: “TV and movie choices should be according to instead of Also TV should be from running Era”.

Pros: “Nothing. I was furious and speechless to witness such frank rude behavior and horrible customer service. I would like to think that United Airlines prides itself on better customer service than this. My wife and I have other choices when we fly and we will certainly think twice before we fly United Airlines again.

Cons: “The flight from Chicago to Moline was delayed over 3 hours due to an engine issue. We were delayed to board, then once we were boarded, we sat on a cold airplane for over 30 minutes in sub-zero temperatures in Chicago. Maintenance was called to start the engines externally but the starter machine wouldn’t work. Finally, we were made to de-plane. We sat for over 30 minutes waiting on information. Never received meal vouchers. No snacks or water was given during the wait.

The steward was very nice and helpful but the gate agent was horrible. She seemed “inconvenienced” when you went to ask her questions.

Pros: “I don’t know why the 2-seats-per-side planes are so much more comfortable than the 3-per-side ones, but it was a much better experience than my previous one. As far as economy seats go, it was about as comfortable as I’ve had. Cons: “The flight staff was rude, the wrong gas was put in the plane causing a delay, I missed my connection because of this where they wrote it was delayed because “it was snowing in Savannah” which was a blatant lie, but made it so they did not have to help me in any way since their delay was “weather” related.

They could not get my to my destination until noon the next day which forced me to buy a new flight on Alaska air.

My flight on Alaska was absolutely fantastic and I regret ever buying any United flight and will not in the future. Cons: “Our plane was defective so had to be replaced.

This is fine, I certainly am willing to wait for a new plane if it means not blowing up over the ocean. The problem was how little the attendants at the gate communicated the situation to us. What should have been a brief layover became a 12 hour nightmare. This is enough to buy a hot dog at an airport We were told there wouldn’t be any rescheduling of missed connections until we were “airborne”. This resulted in mass panic and confusion upon reaching our destination.

We were told to go to the service desk, half an airport away, but once the entire passenger contents of the plane arrived at that far flung service desk, we were mostly turned away to seek help at individual gates. This lack of communication meant I missed the next next available connecting flight and now have a further six hour layover. I understand accidents happen and planes can break down but the nearly complete lack of care and customer attention is, frankly, disappointing.

I’ve now had nearly an entire day added to my travel time. I have spent more than that on food and coffee in airports for the past two days while trying to survive until my next connections. Pros: “My television screen in front did not work. There were no images and the sound was very bad. So I could not listen to music either. Cons: “The airline was generous with luggage allowances.

Pros: “The flight from Frankfurt to Chicago arrived late, had to collect bags and clear customs which delayed transfer, had to go from one end of the airport to the other on a train which operated very slow which delayed transfer, had to then clear TSA security checks which were very slow and again delayed transfer. Moving at the max speed we were capable of, we arrived at the opposite end of the airport too late to board and were left behind.

United was not very sympathetic, although provided ticket for next morning flight. The entire experience was very disappointing following what was a decent tour of Italy.

Pros: “The only reason they have two stars instead of one is that the flight crew was good, and flight in general was ok.

Also United service counter went above and beyond to help me with my situation, and I am grateful that they were able to rebook me on a new flight and check in my luggage without issues. Cons: “There was no one at SAS service counter I had to Google my flight number to find out that I actually had to check in with United since it was actually a United operated flight. Why was I not informed beforehand?? My itinerary said that this is SAS flight, how was I supposed to know that i was supposed to go to United??

Because there was no one at SAS counter, I had no one to ask, I ended up waiting for the counter to open for an hour. When I found out I had to go to United, it was already too late for me to check in so I ended up missing my flight. Thank god for the agent at United however, who helped me rebook my flight and check in my luggage.

Pros: “Economy Basic check-in was easier than I’d expected it to be, security was quick and seamless. Once on board the aircraft, the flight crew kept us informed about possible weather issues e.

Flight attendants offered to provide one-at-a-time beverage service to those “really in need of a drink. Looks like United is doing its best to counteract its recent negative publicity. Well done! Pros: “People were courteous as expected but as usual the 1st class took precedence.

Big deal they pay extra for what, not to eat 1 ounce snack foods and cans of soda. Cons: “The room and the food was horrible. Seems like every time I take a flight people get stuffed into planes like sardines. Also the food selection was nonexistent. There was not enough qty for each person on the flight and the food choices are subpar and very expensive. If u ask me with the exorbant cost of flight to include now the cost to bring luggage is horrible.

What happened to the days when airlines actually cared for their customers. I guess those days are long gone. I have been in he military over 17 years and not once have I received a courtesy upgrade to 1st class and I have flew over the world.

Guess it’s all about the money. And have to pay for entertainment Is that too much to ask! Pros: “Flight was short. Cons: “I was not informed about the delay until after I checked my bag, otherwise I might have chosen another flight.

I was informed that though I could possibly change flights, my bag might not. I have the UA app, and did not receive timely notification. Free WIFI would have been nice as a compensation.

A 4 hour delay means I miss my bus and extends my travel time significantly, one more night away from home. Considering the reason for the delay was they were waiting for a plane was frustrating. Pros: “The fact that we got there safely. Cons: “Took them 90 minutes to fix a seat belt because they kept bringing the wrong part. They got it right the third try.

The cabin crew sat in the back and chatted for an hour while we sat at gate. Not even a glass of water offered. Then we were diverted to Pittsburg because of weather and sat for an hour.

Again no water offered. So on 5 plus hour flight crew went around once. The final straw was they blamed weather for the delay when in fact it was not being able to find the correct seat belt in due time. Pros: “The flight crew seemed worn and a bit surly. They ran out of two of the meals and the one I got was oddly seasoned but it was warm. We sat on the ground quite a while while they fixed the PA system with no water then there was a women they’d let on the flight even though she had a different destination – supposedly they spent an hour looking for her bag on the plane.

Do you hold up a whole plane load of people that got on the right plane for the woman that didn’t and how come when they checked her ticket – no one noticed? Pros: “Staff at airport and cabin crew were mostly nice. At airport, the ticket agent helped correct a mistake and was very helpful. Cons: “There are TVs on the backs of chairs where they advertise that you can pay to watch shows or movies and play the safety video.

That would be fine if you could just turn it off once that’s done. But it was too hard to turn off, and after the safety video, they played three ads you couldn’t turn the ads off. At the end of the flight the tvs camenon again. It was also a night time flight – how can you sleep with the screen on.

Also, the seat space seemed smaller than usual so the screen was in my face. I hated this flight. Cons: “The pilot’s landing was way too fast. I was sure that the plane would come to a stop in Hwy at the end of the Asheville runway. That plane probably needed a major brake job after that landing. We ended up at the absolute very end of the runway! Pros: “The crew was exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Water and drinks were offered regularly. For those who had the app there was inflight entertainment. We paid for plus size seats and had enough leg room. Cons: “I believe that on the long flights built in entertainment screens should be standard. Most people did not have the app and many spent 8. Food is not offered on this long flight unless you pay for it. You must walk to the very back of the plane where the food is in warmers.

I got a hamburger and it was a bit dried out. Could have been worse A larger person sat next to me and took use of the armrest between us which made me feel like I lost 4 inches of my personal space. Pros: “Seat assignment”. Cons: “I’m not a pilot but I’ve flown enough to know what turbulence is. I was one of the first to board and asked the flight attendant if there was food for purchase or any type of snack as my blood sugar was so low.

I was also in pain and needed to take my medication. It wasn’t until we were almost at the destination we received a plastic cup and offered a sip of water. I sat right in front of the flight attendant and she could see my discomfort yet didn’t offer a bag of peanuts or a drink”.

Pros: “The older planes of United Airlines could use some remodeling. The entertainment system with controls in the middle of the arm rest where the elbow rests is such a bad idea, didn’t even bother with this crappy unintuitive system. It was annoying and flashy with bright advertisements or something popping up on a night time flight just sooooooo annoying, turning it off was not intuitive and had to ask the flight attendants how to turn it off during their very busy work of handing out packages with five miniature pretzels and drinks to the passengers, was happy to get a whole cab of juice to myself though.

Pros: “I loved that the flight was direct from Chicago to Asheville. I will tend to fly more often without the stops. Cons: “Plane had to have the bathroom serviced and we had to switch planes after boarding. On a positive note they found another plane for us very quickly and did not make us sit on the plane while it was repaired. Pros: “Other then they got me there safe, I dont think there is anything I liked about this flight. Pilot did a decent job, there was lots of turbulance so nothing they could do about it and I made it safe.

Cons: “Plane from Chicago to Savannah was small. I was all the way in the seat not slouching and my knees were crammed in the set infront of me. The arm rests were digging into my thighs as well.

Ive probably been on 50 different planes over the years to give you some perspective of my experience flying when I say this was a first and a very uncomfortable plane. The plane to take us to Savannah arrived so late it pushed my flight back by like an 1. Pros: “The crew did what they could and we’re professional and curious, but there wasn’t a ton to like about this flight”.

Ok, that happens sometimes and it annoying but part of air travel. Additionally, because the seatback entertainment wasn’t working, the ability to control your own reading light was disabled, so the cabin lights were left on the entire late-night flight, making sleeping quite difficult.

I understand that sometimes these things happen, but there are ways to mitigate- the gate agent could’ve told us that there would be no seat back entertainment while we were waiting at the gate delayed so we could’ve downloaded something, but they chose not to for reasons I can only hypothesize. Combine all this with the terrible seat configuration and you’re left with a terrible experience.

Will never take this particular flight from Chicago again. It was cramped and one of the worst flights I’ve taken in recent memory. Pros: “I loved how easy it was to book the flight. Cons: “I cancelled my flight within 24hrs and received no refund because I booked through priceline. However, there was no restriction or clause listed on the ticket stating that I had to cancel through priceline also.

It really should not matter who I cancelled through, if I canceled within 24hrs the refund should be given. Also, the debits from my account said United as well as priceline taking me to United’s web page to make the purchase. So of course one would think cancelling through United’s site is appropriate. I’m very disappointed in United and will consider all other options Airlines before booking with them again.

PS – United customer gave me the run around for 3 days knowing that it was their policy and they were the company who’s keeping my money. Cons: “This airline is so beyond awful. American has the most janky planes, uncomfortable seats, and worst service on the plane. I had to beg the flight attendant to get me a wine because I was asleep when they came by and missed them by not even a half hour She acted like it was so hard and it took asking 4 times and finally just asking another person.

I was so annoyed. They also have shitty food selections per usual. Who chooses those snack items?! They clearly have no taste. I was miserable the whole flight. I usually am not a miserable traveler so this isn’t just me being negative, I seriously may write one review every few months, only if something is really good or really bad. The fact that I’m even taking the time to write this says a lot!!! Pros: “Entertainment options”. Cons: “United chamged our arrival gate without a crew to man the jet way.

So we sat for 20 mins this missing our connection flight. Cons: “I had a flight from Los Angeles to Cleveland with a stop in Chicago on December 29, ; however, both flights were delayed. I am contacting customer care for compensation due to a severe delay for the departure and arrival for my flight from Chicago to Cleveland Flight I also wanted to report a very disappointing experience with the representatives at However, it was closer to PM when we finally arrived.

The flight was delayed over an hour for departure when they announced the plane was not even ready and present at the gate. We circled Cleveland for roughly 40 minutes and then got redirected to the Detroit.

We would’ve avoided the snow if the flight departed on time since the snow did not hit Cleveland until the delayed flight was airborne. We then landed in Detroit and spent another hour and a half in Detroit. At this time, I called the representatives at United and requested a refund. The representative completely understood my situation and said I would be refunded the full amount to my original payment method. She also assured me that I did not need a case number and that other representatives would be able to look up this information through my confirmation number.

This was not the case when I contacted United again to see the progress on the refund. They said there were no annotations and that they could not provide a refund. They advised me that the previous representative had lied to me.

While the flight experience caused me to miss the rehearsal dinner and bachelor party for a close friend I served with in the Army and almost caused me to miss the wedding, I feel very cheated and trashed for being lied to by your employees regarding my refund and its validity.

This experience has left a very bad taste regarding United Airline’s integrity and values. Cons: “My flight was delayed by an hour and a half. That’s the amount of time I could have spent to drive home to Milwaukee. I stuck around because there was no indication of a flight cancellation. I would rather hop on a min flight than go through the hassle of renting a car. I arrived in Chicago in the morning.

The gate agent told us all to head to United customer service. There I received RUDE, poor excuse of a “service” only to be told they don’t give refunds at the counter as we were told by the gate agent. So do that on your own time. THEN I had to buy my bus ticket and spend 1. Will never fly United again. And no one checked for me! Pros: “-Complimentary Snack and beverage -Can pick your seats when booking -Changing Tables in restrooms -Entertainment options -Early boarding for families with small children”.

Cons: “-Free Soda but charged for water -Had confirmed seats but then our party with 2 toddlers got split up -Semi convenient rather small could hardly fit a 1 year old changing table but then flight attendants threw a fit when a stinky diaper was changed in there. Pros: “Arriving safely at home. Cons: “Our gate was changed multiple times with absolutely terrible communication.

The computer system had gone yet and everything seems extremely disorganized. There were even flyers getting on the plane to TX when they were traveling to other destinations because of the lack of communication and the crew not throughly checking. The seating was the smallest space in all of the other airlines I have flown. The crew was less than friendly and yelling down the aisle about buying snacks and other drinks although it was a late night flight and many people were sleeping.

Overall, it was an uncomfortable and frustrating experience. Luckily the flight crew had a smooth flight and got us safely to San Antonio. Only positive about the experience with United. This was all taking place along with our flight being delayed with out the monitors at the airport being updated and no notification via text or the United app.

Cons: “The difference in entertainment options between different United flights is frustrating. My original flight offered an outlet to charge my phone and a fairly large selection of free movies, so I watched 3 movies and the time went by quickly. My return flight did have an outlet, but I didn’t want to pay for a bad selection of movies that I couldn’t pause or start from the beginning, so it felt like a much longer flight. Pros: “Captain had apologized many times about the delay.

I appreciated that. Crew attitude towards customers were way better than my first leg. Beijing to Chicago. I wonder why. Boarding took long time. Many people had no overhead bin for their carry on. I don’t have one so I Just watched them. They serviced water and a tiny snack. One man asked if they have something to eat. Contents 1 Does Southwest fly into Asheville? See also Is it better to visit Albuquerque or Santa Fe? See also How far is Charlotte from the mountains?

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Does Southwest fly into Asheville NC? – .


Charlotte Douglas International Airport charmeck. We know that having a great time in Charlotte takes more than finding an excellent deal on a flight. Why Is Allegiant So Cheap? Also, Allegiant flies to many secondary airports where landing fees are less expensive. But, according to federal aviation records and interviews with pilots, mechanics and industry experts, it may also be the most dangerous.

GoJet Airlines G7. Gol G3. Grand China Air CN. Green Africa Airways Q9. Gulf Air GF. Gum Air GUM. GX Airlines GX. Hainan Airlines HU. Hawaiian Airlines HA. Hebei Airlines NS. Hello Jets H3. Helvetic 2L. Hesa Airlines H8.

Hex’Air UD. Himalaya Airlines H9. Hinterland Aviation OI. HiSky H4. HiSky H7. Hong Kong Airlines HX. Hong Kong Express UO. Hongtu Airlines A6.

Hunnu Air MR. Iberia IB. Ibex Airlines FW. Ibom Air QI. Icelandair FI. Iliamna Air Taxi V8. IndiGo Airlines 6E. InterSky 3L. IrAero IO. Iran Air IR. Iran Air Tours B9. Iran Aseman EP. Iraqi Airways IA. Island Air Express I4. Island Air Sevice 2O. Israir 6H. Izhavia I8.

Jambojet JM. Japan Airlines JL. Jazeera Airways J9. Jeju Air 7C. Jet2 LS. Jetair Caribbean 4J. JetBlue B6. JetSmart JA. Jetstar JQ. Jetstar GK. Jetstar Asia 3K. JetSuiteX XE. Jetways airlines WU.

Jiangxi Air RY. Jin Air LJ. Jordan Aviation R5. Joy Air JR. JTA NU. Jubba Airways JZ. Jubba Airways 3J. Juneyao Airlines HO. KaiserAir KAI. Kam Air RQ. KC International 3Q. Kenmore Air M5. Kenya Airways KQ. Key Lime Air KG. Kish Air Y9. KLM KL. Komiaviatrans KO. Korean Air KE.

KrasAvia SSJ. Kunming Airlines KY. Kuwait Airways KU. La Compagnie B0. La Costena NIS. Lanhsa Airlines LNH. Lanmei Airlines LQ. Lao Airlines QV. Lao Skyway LK.

Libyan Airlines LN. Libyan Wings YL. Lion Air JT. Livingston JN. Loganair LM. Loong Air GJ. LOT LO. Lucky Air 8L. Lufthansa LH. Lufttransport LTR. Luxair LG. Luxwing BN. Mahan Air W5. Malaysia Airlines MH. Maldivian Q2. Malindo Air OD.

Mandarin Airlines AE. Mann Yadanarpon 7Y. Mauritania Airlines L6. Maya Island Air 2M. MHS Aviation M2. Middle East ME. Midwest Airlines Egypt WV. Myanmar UB. Myanmar Airways 8M. Nam Air IN. Nas Air XY.

Nauru Airlines ON. Neos NO. Nepal Airlines RA. Nesma Airlines NE. Niger airlines 6N. Nile Air NP. Nok Air DD. Nolinor N5. Nordavia 5N.

NordStar Y7. Nordwind N4. Norlandair FNA. Norse Atlantic Airways N0. North-Wright Airways HW. Northwestern Air J3. Norwegian D8. Norwegian DY. Nouvelair BJ. Okay Airways BK. Olympic Air OA. Oman Air WY. Orbest 6O. Orenair R2. Oriental Air Bridge OC. Pacific Coastal Airlines 8P. Pakistan PK. Pan Pacific Airlines 8Y. Papillon Airways HI. Paranair ZP. Pascan Aviation P6.

Passaredo 2Z. Peach MM. Pegas Fly EO. Pegasus PC. People’s Viennaline PE. Perimeter Aviation YP. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky PTK. Philippine Airlines PR. Pineapple Air PNP. Play OG. Plus Ultra PU. Pobeda DP. Polar Airlines PI.

Porter PD. Precision Air PW. Primera Air PF. Proflight Zambia P0. Provincial Airlines PB. Qantas QF. Qatar Airways QR. Qazaq Air IQ. Qingdao Airlines QW. Ravn Alaska 7H. RED Air L5. Red Wings WZ. Regional YS. Regional Air 8N. Regional Express ZL. Royal Air Maroc AT. Royal Brunei Airlines BI. Royal Jordanian RJ. Ruili Airlines DR. RusLine 7R. RwandAir WB. Ryan Air Service 7S. Ryanair FR. Ryanair UK RK. S7 Airlines S7.

Safair FA. Safarilink Aviation F2. SalamAir OV. Sansa RZ. SAS SK. Saudi Arabian SV. Scat Air DV. Scenic Airlines YR. Scoot TR. Seaborne Airlines BB. SereneAir ER. Servant Air 8D. Severstal D2. Shaheen Air NL. Shandong Airlines SC. Shanghai Airlines FM. Trevor Zboncak is a bit of an old grump, but he’s also one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. He loves to travel and see new places, but he’s not a fan of airports or long flights. Trevor has been all over the world, and he has some amazing stories to tell.

He’s also a great photographer, and his pictures will take your breath away. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her work, including being named one of the “Top 10 Educators to Watch” by Education Week magazine. Skip to content. Table of Contents. By Antonia Leonard Antonia Leonard is an education expert who has dedicated her life to helping students achieve their academic goals.

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