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Charleston often ranks as one of the friendliest cities in America. You might be wondering about the summer months? A lively local arts scene features local galleries, museums, and independent theater companies. In terms of property taxes, the folks living in Charleston are lucky because at 0. Next Article How to visit the Marquesas Islands? The violent crime rate rose from Previous Article Home Sitting: Travel differently and for free.

8 Things You Need To Know About Living In Charleston, SC.Moving To Charleston, SC? Here’s What It’s Like To Live There – PODS Blog

Aug 15,  · CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston, SC has been ranked one of the best cities to retire in the United States, according to WalletHub. WalletHub compared more than . Jan 14,  · Pros and Cons of Living in Aiken SC – Cons. 1. Limited Nightlife. Aiken is not really known for having a lively nightlife and entertainment scene. It is more quiet and geared . Apr 06,  · Charleston SC is BY FAR THE WORST PLACE I HAVE EVER LIVED. We also took our 6 figure salaries elsewhere. This city is such a joke and such a disgusting place to live .


Areas to Avoid in Charleston SC and Best Neighborhoods to Stay.


In the middle of all of this? A booming job market, a thriving cultural and dining scene, and mild weather — which makes living in Charleston, South Carolina, a year-round pleasure. Atlanta is not too far, either, charlewton four hours by car. Spread across about square miles and with a population just over , Charleston is the largest city in its state.

Regionally, however, the Charleston metro area now has more thanresidents, with 33 people moving in every day. The average age in Charleston, Charlwston But when the tropics get steamy from June to September, as with is charleston sc a bad place to live – is charleston sc a bad place to live Southeastern state, Charleston can find itself in the path of a hurricane.

For instance, the monster known as Hugo hit inand its remains still linger in certain parts of the city. Fortunately, Hugo was the last major hurricane to make landfall in the state — though it has been impacted by other hurricanes and tropical storms over the years. Even without giant tropical storms, the summer is active weather-wise in Charleston.

Afternoon storms are a regular occurance, with seriously intense lightning and torrential rains. New residents are flocking to Charleston for lots of reasons. For starters, the rich history of the city is well preserved and available in museums, on guided tours, and merely walking down the is charleston sc a bad place to live – is charleston sc a bad place to live.

Want more options? Who knows? You might also get spooked. Be sure to visit the Charleston aquarium formally the South Carolina Aquariumhome to more than 5, creatures and host of special events and classes for sea-critter lovers. Charleston dining The Charleston Wine and Food festival is world-class, and it draws thousands of guests annually in March.

Fort Sumter National Monument Hop on a ferry to the site of the first shots of the Civil War, and take a tour with park rangers who know everything there is to know about the battleground, the soldiers charlseton sailors, and the fort. Charleston-area beaches Sugar-soft sand hcarleston ocean waves are just a quick drive from downtown — and there are iw many жмите choose from.

Want a laid-back beach town vibe? But here are three of our faves:. Downtown Culturally rich with award-winning dining, art galleries, museums, and shopping within walking distance, downtown Charleston is a desirable — cahrleston pricey — neighborhood. The Charleston Airport is also just 15 minutes west of downtown, making business статейка, does the train go to myrtle beach Выкрутился easy as pie. Johns Island Families love the vibe of this barrier island bedroom community, just 15 minutes from the business center of downtown.

Newer neighborhoods are popping up to accommodate the need for young families eager for an active lifestyle, easy access to downtown, and a quick hop to the beaches. Mount Pleasant This quaint town lives up to its name.

With a charming, walkable center and some of the best-rated schools in is charleston sc a bad place to live – is charleston sc a bad place to live area, Mount Pleasant, SC, is one of the most desirable areas for families. From the No. News and Is charleston sc a bad place to live – is charleston sc a bad place to live Report—ranked Academic Magnet High School to Wando High and the Charleston School of the Arts, the city consistently earns top marks for good schools with highly dedicated teachers and administrators.

Tech gigs, in particular, are booming with an influx of multinational corporations setting up headquarters in the immediate area. And hospitality jobs continue to increase as more tourists and new residents discover Charleston — thus the need for more hotels and restaurants. But living outside the city нажмите чтобы увидеть больше a car or the ability to use rideshare services. Of course, urbanites in neighborhoods like Upper King or Harleston Village can walk practically everywhere.

But for the outlying areas, motorcars poace a must. Once only found in the Sunshine State, these читать little critters which are actually a type of fly have migrated northward during the past few decades into the entire Southeastern region, including South Carolina. The amorous bugs are harmless but annoying as they splat onto cars during their biannual Lowcountry visits. Ready to start living your best life in Charleston?

From renting a truck to hiring a squad of professional movers, there are plenty of options to go with. PODS drops off a portable moving and storage container right in your driveway so you can pack and load at your own pace. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. People are moving to Charleston every day. Charleeton Is Charleston, SC, a good place to live? Folly Beach, SC. Rainbow Row. Charleston, SC, map. Share Email. Tweet Email. Pin Email. Share Article Share Email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Latest Posts. Read More. Insider Tip: Not totally hcarleston on Charleston? Southern cities are some of the fastest growing destinations in the country. Check out the PODS blog to find out what you need to know about other potential destinations, such as living in intown Atlantamoving to and from Dallasand Nashville neighborhoods of note.

Q: Is Charleston a good place to live in your 20s? A: Gen Z-ers and young Millennials abound in Charleston. Q: Is Charleston, SC, an expensive place to live? A: Living in Charleston is a little more pricey than in the rest of the U. With a modest increase in prices of just 1. The Charleston housing market, in particular, is a bit unusual right now like most U.

Home prices in Charleston rose Q: What salary do you need to live comfortably in Charleston, SC? A: As much as the area has going for it, truth be told, crime is a bit higher here than in the rest of the state and nation, with a rating of 16, according to the Neighborhood Scout index.

Like any city, though, Charleston has plenty of areas that statistically experience less livve.


Where to Live in Charleston SC: A Neighborhood Guide.


I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Aside from that, excellent site! Asking questions are truly pleasant thing if you are not understanding something totally, but this post gives pleasant understanding even. I lived to years and a half in this city and this is the worst place ever. It’s horrible, nothing to do, nothing, surrounded of ghettos well, Charleston is not classy, it’s part of the ghetto.

If you are not from there you are not welcome to get a job, even with a master’s degree, it is only for the sons of this city, well downtown, of course. The streets are dirty, with weeds everywhere, people homophobic to everybody who is not from there, black, gay, hispanic, So this is the south.

Of course, we are leaving far away from here. I for one support your post. This place is one big “good ole boy” system. The place is devoid of character or interesting things to do. Unless you are some bland I got nothing. Fuck Charleston. I from tha chuc town grew up there lots of fun times in Jon c cow homes by Danny Jones commu center. Park circle. Charleston is not what it used to be.

That much, I can assure you! I’m from sc an I agree with the original poster. Most southern states suck because they lack humility. I’ve seen a government official spit on a homeless woman You might as well eat Nicki Hailey pussy and call it a day Because we all do.

Those of you from sc have been fucked just like me at some point in your life. Grow up, this state needs a face lift. I’m educated and moved here for my job. Day time is alright for the first few months but it gets old. Everything is based on tourism, and the only people who live here worth associating with are from somewhere else that were moved in by their company or the ultra rich who have a vacation home here who only pass through.

The locals here are backwoods hicks to hell with no education for the most part but snub anyone who isn’t from here. They’re also racist to hell and automatically think if it’s from here it’s good, if not it sucks. The nightlife is a joke. The bars are mediocre.

The food is amazing but extremely overpriced, and the locals automatically assume if you’re not dressed up you’re broke even though you’re paying for a meal more than they probably make in a week. And drop the N word every 5 minutes even though they’re rich spoiled white kids in their teens and early 20s. I’ve never seen people so full of themselves, if you dropped them in the middle of downtown in a real city they’d be shot after 45 minutes. They also seem to be uneducated and jobless from what I’ve seen.

Not many locals down here are talented at anything, yet the locals will snub anyone from out of town with talent just because they’re not local, and put locals up on a pedestal who are worthless wastes of space. If you aren’t religious and boring as hell, they’re not going to like you much here. If you dress differently, they don’t like you. If you’re not white, they don’t like you. If you’re gay, they don’t like you.

They do however kiss your ass if you throw money around, then talk shit about you afterwards because you’re not “one of them”. For the record I’m a straight white male with a high paying job. Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, nice to stroll around Also, SC is one of the worst, poorest, shit hole states except for the Midwest, Arkansas, Alabama, etc. But it’s not far off, so those of you saying you’re proud to be from SC you’re the reason people bash SC and Charleston so much, try getting out of your state every now and then and broadening your horizons Charleston without the people: Awesome, beautiful city.

With the people and in its current state as of ? Have you ever heard the term” crab city ” that’s why they are still here. Charleston is a hard place to actually get on your feet. Especially if you are black. Charleston is the biggest joke ever!!!

Run, run away as fast as you can because you will get tired of it quicker than you can think or imagine!! Worst drivers in the country, nothing to do if you’re single and want a REAL nightlife, traffic congestion from hell thanks to Boeing, and people from Seattle taking over — slowly but surely thanks again Boeing!!

Get out, get out as quick as you can!! Oh, and one more thing You can mark my words on that. That’s why so many businesses come here — because they can get away with paying you LESS than what you are worth! Whether or not the post was poorly edited, the fact remains that South Carolina Specifically Charleston and surrounding counties does have some of the worst education in the states.

They basically send these kids into the world with diplomas, but no education to show for it unless they taught themselves entirely.

Haha I couldn’t agree with you any better. Charleston is still in the ‘s! Well, I guess I can cross Charleston off of my list of possible places to live. If all of you idiots speak like you write.

I feel like my IQ would decrease dramatically just by moving there. I didn’t realize that Charleston was in the middle of Ohio. Sounds like my kids would have a better chance of getting an education in West Virginia. You should go back to Oklahoma. Charleston is a beautiful place full of history and charming people.

You are tacky, slack, uneducated uncouth and worthless. Go back to back to where you came from. After everything I just read, I am looking forward to moving there even more now. I’ve learned to read reviews like this and “read between the lines”, so all in all, though it has faults, it sounds great. I’m working for the gov’t, so I’m not coming with the Boeing crowd – I just really miss the South and C-town sounds like a great place to start a family.

Thanks for the feedback, good and bad! I’m excited to land something there and be there by ! See y’all soon! There is a place for everybody. Some places a person hates is Utopia for others, and vice versa. It’s no different for the Seattle scene. Personally, after spending a lot of my life here though I’ve moved around a bit – this place has beauty and outdoor activities. The people? Mostly, they are pretentious self-centered a-holes and really aren’t any different than the people described here from SC, just less racism.

That’s about it. Who are your Charleston neighbors? Median Age. Is Charleston a walkable city? Bike Score. Transit Score. What are the public transit options in Charleston? We cannot find any nearby public transit options for Charleston.

Charleston Photos. What are the best schools in Charleston, SC? School info and ratings provided by. School data provided as-is by Niche, a third party. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate all sources of information. Users should visit all school district web sites and visit all the schools in person to verify and consider all data, including eligibility.

What are the activities for kids in Charleston, SC? What’s nearby Charleston? We cannot find nearby things to do for Charleston. Who is the best internet provider in Charleston, SC?

What are the noise levels and air quality in Charleston, SC? Should I buy a house in Charleston, SC? New Listings. Learn more about the housing market in Charleston Learn more about Charleston in our guide.

Homes for sale in Charleston. There are currently no homes for sale in Charleston. Quality of life by zip code in Charleston, SC. Quality of life in. Quality of life by neighborhood in Charleston, SC. Quality of life in other South Carolina cities. Homes for sale in. View all zip codes. View all neighborhoods. This neighborhood had incessant reports on both violent and property crimes. There were incidents of shootings, murders, and aggravated assaults.

This place was a place with a terrible influx of drug offenders, stabbings, and rapes were common crimes. The police officers in this neighborhood seem to have little or no effect. Most residents affirm being robbed at gunpoint on certain occasions, some at gas stations.

The chance of having a vehicle stolen in North Charleston is 1 in Public transportation buses also come with petty theft incidents that could not have been avoided, so tourists are warned against possessing lots of cash or valuable items during commutes. Is North Charleston safe? The areas of North Charleston to avoid are the south of Dorchester Rd and the southern part of the town.

Towards north has more safe areas like the Upper Dorchester Rd. This neighborhood is hardly a place for safe walking or biking, and night times come with pockets of crimes at various alleyways. Not only independent women travelers, but even residents also avoid moving around at nights, especially alone.

One’s chance of being a victim of either property or violent crime is 1 in In half a decade, on average, violent crime has only risen while property crime has fallen. The violent crime rate rose from It dropped slightly to For property crime, from Overall, the crime rate in this neighborhood is said to be greater than in Unlike in the early 90s, alleyways and street corners are hardly sandwiched by people.

So day time and night time bike strolls can be done safely by visiting men and women traveling alone. You can walk about with wads of cash and not feel threatened as the police in the neighborhood are visible. The hotels nearby come highly recommended for their safety measures.

Formally known as west of the Ashley, coined from the fact that this place is the west of the Ashley River. There is an estimate of 82, people in this area. West Ashley, though not free of crime, has one of the fewest records of incidents. There were strings of car break-ins, burglaries, and double homicides. You address that and everything else takes care of itself. Absolutely……Not to mention the smug White Yankee liberals who come down here with an attitude.

The term bastardizing the south was a direct hit on the head of the nail. I moved here from my moms uterus 28 years ago. Thanks mom. Obviously you have not been too many other cities. Go to Jacksonville the construction is horrific traffic is horrible in the crime is just as bad.

For those people that hate it so much. Please leave and make room for the people that love it so much. Some of the complaints mentioned are true but they in no way take away from the beauty and charm of my life South of Broad. We call Charleston the Boston of the south and enjoy the food, cobble streets, churches, shopping, harbour, beaches and yes charm of the population of Charleston.

You make of your life and surroundings what you want so find the good of the area. I live on St. Philip Street and watched how this city changed in the past years. As for the racism problem I experienced head on everyday I walk down King Street going to work. Hell I make very good money at my job, I wear nothing but the best clothing yet I still get treated like a dam slave! I dont believe your comment. Actual Charleston natives dont have a problem with the blacks who are from Charleston.

We just dont like people who move here. I have been hoping and trying to move to Charleston most of my adult life and, finally, I might have the chance. This comment worries me. Is this truly a cultural norm here? You have understated the tax issue. Income tax, High sales tax, car tax, boat tax, property tax, personal property tax, business tax, gas tax, food tax, alcohol tax, hotel tax, on and on yet they always want more.

Our roads are in poor condition and our public services are less than impressive. Where is the money going? Good question.. And a gozilliondollar curved building at town hall to impress more people into coming and clogging up the air space…. Unfortunately its exactly as the article describes and getting ready to be worse…sell your house while its hot. I have lived in the Charleston area all my life 25 years , and the congestion of the area has gotten out of hand. So many people are trying to move here, that big corporations are trying to get approval to fill in the marsh land to build more apartments.

Rush hour is so bad here. I live about 7 miles from downtown, recently got my house broken into property crime is terrible. And the race thing is awful. I live in a predominately black area, and often when I go to a store around here, they try to rip me off and charge me extra, plus bums will harass you and tell you sob stories all day. And the weather is god awful-it gets so hot, you can barely breathe in the summer.

I am lucky to rent a house my father owns for half of the market value, otherwise, the price of housing is ridiculous. I am planning my escape soon! Charleston is at capacity. Our infrastructure is already falling apart and even before everyone started to flock here, Charleston could barely handle the traffic then. Now with the influx of northerners moving here, the traffic has become completely out of control. Locals already had a hard enough time trying to find jobs and affordable housing without people constantly moving here.

Now our historic town is being ripped apart and new apartment complexes are springing up everywhere. So now us locals are having to pay way more for rent and are competing with more people for the limited jobs that we do have. Charleston needs to stay the way it is. We literally can no longer handle any more new families. I am a Charleston native but moved around the country in my IT profession. I am now retired. Charleston is the most wonderful placed ever. Crime, no worst than any other growing city.

Most crimes involving a shooting are black on black not counting the two most horrible crimes of a life time which was perpetrated by a white on black s. Property crime is not any higher than any other growing metropolitan area. For many years according to all the top rating systems Charleston has been the most beloved city in the U. I have always prescribed to the though that one will get exactly what one looks for.

If one always look for the negative, that is exactly what one will find. On the other hand if one always look for the positive that is exactly what one will find. Poorly written article. You should have paid more attention in school. I see that you live in Monks Corner. How interesting the cultural atmoshere there. That must be your inspiration. I have looking for places the past couple of years to retire completely.

In reality there was very little differences in any of them. Escaping crime is merely spending more money on housing and that is true wherever you go. The new America unfortunately about is about buying safety and safety costs more. Charleston was one of the areas that was under consideration. Spent two weeks on the ground looking at housing, traffic and medical services. Weather is fine and have no issues with hot and humid.

There were two main issues that caused Charleston to fall out of favor. Traffic and the influx of people. Yes I had people going the wrong way on one way roads a couple of times. Car makers should offer reduced priced cars without turn signals since they seem to be unused in Charleston. The road infrastructure is lacking and will continue to get more problematic. It happens everywhere you get a large influx of people in a short period of time. The number of people moving into the area will strain the already overused system.

Unfortunately people do not just bring furniture when they arrive. They will change the very qualities that attracted them to the area. They will not assimilate in the culture of the region and merely bring their own and impose them, on everyone around them. Then I go home to Charlotte. There are very nice houses and areas to live there. I live in a gated community and could not be happier.

Crime has not been an issue there for me at all. My dad grew up on Isle of Palms as did I , where he still has a house on and even since I was born 27 years ago, not only has the Island changed but the entire city. Oh hell no. My brother used to go mudding in his truck through there back in the day. I went to middle school and high school down there and the changes down there have been crazy too!

And the amount of rude people down there… getting worse and worse every year. Especially when tourists are in town. As a local and native of this amazing city… I am tired of people moving here for atleast 50 years. I guess a price really does come with being number 1. Okay, question for all of you, I am a Wofford grad, from long ago.

My GF is an interior designer, with a fantastic resume. I was in Sumter for Hugo, that was fun — not! She has family there. We are thinking of moving there in the next few months. Opinions please? Call people by name! No wonder people look at the south so bad this is sad and disgusting!

I really have to rethink moving there now! Thank stupid ignorant trumpets!

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