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What is the best place for seniors to live in north carolina
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If you like horses, Williamston is the place to retire: the town has one of the biggest agricultural centers in Eastern North Carolina, the Senator Bob Martin Agricultural Center. A dining and outdoors delight, Hendersonville can be found on most lists for the best places to retire in North Carolina. Amenities are close and convenient notth retirees, while plade area is very scenic. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.

What is the best place for seniors to live in north carolina.10 Best Cities to Retire in North Carolina in 2022

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– Best Places to Retire in North Carolina


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Manage Settings Continue with Recommended Cookies. North Carolina is a charming state and can be a very advantageous place to retire.

The state of North Carolina does not tax social security retirement benefits and also has low property and sales taxes that can give retirees additional purchasing power. Our list goes through the 15 best cities to retire in North Carolina along with important information about each city and how your retirement might look there. Our research of the best cities to retire in North Carolina was carefully selected by screening other top studies performed about retirement in North Carolina.

We also used an extensive search to determine important factors that may retirement enjoyable for people. Some of the factors included in our research are:. All of these factors help to provide us with a fair assessment of how retirement might look in these cities. Our study includes both cities that are considered affordable and ones that are more expensive. Conclusion: Hendersonville is a great historical city to retire to that is full of many local communities and businesses.

The city offers a high quality of life for retirees and is tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It also features great retirement facilities, local restaurants and shops, and recreation centers to help retirees stay active.

Local Attractions: Hendersonville is full of many local attractions that can keep retirees and their families entertained year round.

Some of their most popular local attractions include:. Conclusion: Roxboro is a smaller city just 30 miles north of Durham that a small town feel full of historic homes, building, local shops and restaurants and plenty of cultural activities.

The city is quite and has a country style vibe that is perfect for retirees that are looking for a slow relaxing environment. The cost of living in Roxboro is below the national average and has plenty of retirement communities available. Local Attractions: The city is very quite and has some local attractions that emulate the small town feel.

Some of their most popular attractions include:. It is home to the infamous Pinehurst No. Pinehurst is considered an expensive city to retire to with the cost of living being higher than the national average. Although median home values are a bit on the higher end, the city has relatively low property tax rates compared to other local cities. The city also has a great humid subtropical climate ideal for people who love to golf in the summer with very mild winters.

On top of that, they have a health care system that is top-notch along with a vibrant retiree culture. This small mountain town is lined with historic buildings, churches, and courthouses and sits at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Marion has a beautiful downtown area along with plenty of local restaurants and breweries that can make retirement very enjoyable. It has a small city feel and has affordable housing as well as plenty of retirement facilities.

The city has plenty of outdoor activities for retirees to enjoy along with a friendly community. Local Attractions: Marion is a diverse city offering unique attractions for retirees to get involved in. Some of these include:. Best Known For: The city is best known for a being a history mountain town which is close to attractions like Mt. Mitchell and Linville Falls. Conclusion : Hickory is considered a great place to retire for sports fans and people who love to be close to the mountains.

It is considered on the of the best places to retire in the mountains of North Carolina. The city offers access to breathtaking views and great hiking trails for people who like to stay active. Its housing market is very stable and affordable for retirees that are on a fixed income. There are plenty of festivals and community events year-round to help retirees stay busy and have fun. In terms of overall value, Hickory is one of the best places to retire in North Carolina. Local Attractions: Hickory has many different local attractions that can keep retirement fun.

Some their most popular local attractions include:. The city is also well known for furniture manufacturing. Williamston is a small rural town east of Durham with plenty of farmland and big open spaces.

It has a small-town feel that is ideal for retirees who want peace and quiet. However, the city is positioned close to Albermarle Sound and the Pamlico River which is great for people who enjoy hunting and fishing. Best Known For: Williamston is known for being one of the best cities for outdoor lovers with a history of being known as a sustainable community. Conclusion: West of Charlotte, another affordable and small town to retire to is Forest City. The town has an immaculate downtown center is situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

Two major senior citizen clubs offer plenty of activities for seniors to get involved in. The cost of living in Forest City is much lower than the national average and features plenty of retirement communities. Crime is low and residents have good access to affordable health care. If you want to retire to a place with a small-town feel and a tight-knit community, Forest City is the place. Local Attractions: Forest City has many local museums and attractions for retirees to get involved with.

Some of them include:. Best Known For: Forest City is well known for its holiday celebration lights every winter, with over a million lights being spread through their downtown center. This is a popular annual tradition since that lights up the city during the holidays. Conclusion: Just north of Greensboro, Reidsville is another great city to consider retirement in North Carolina. The city has great access to health care and low crime rates which make it a very safe and stable place to retire to.

Best Known For: Reidsville is best known for being a hot spot for people who love spending time outdoors. Back in the day, the city used to be a key location of the American Tobacco Company which employed plenty of residents of the city. The city has a great climate, a large health care system, friendly people, and a very high quality of life. The city is full of many unique restaurants, public and private golf courses, wellness centers, and museums.

Although the cost of living in Raleigh is considered higher than in other cities, the city is full of affordable options for retirees with plenty of retirement facilities in the area. Conclusion: Durham is considered by many as one of the best places to retire in North Carolina if you can afford the higher cost of living.

The housing market in Durham is considered more competitive than other cities but offers incredible attractions and a robust health care system. The city has a vibrant culture and residents can enjoy all four seasons without extremes in the weather. The area has plenty of golf courses and parks for retirees to stay active. Conclusion: Another city that is similar in size to Durham but with a lower cost of living is Greensboro. The city is in close proximity to the mountains and the beach.

Greensboro has a great downtown area that is full of restaurants, breweries, pubs, coffee shops, and theaters. If you enjoy being active they have fitness and rec centers all around the city. On top of all this, the city has a strong health care system along with a low crime rate. Best Known For: The city of Greensboro was known as a textile town, full of mills, plenty of factories, and hard-working blue-collar people.

Today, the city is known for being a popular sports tournament town, offering a plethora of diverse sports venues, fields, stadiums, and swimming pools. Conclusion: Just north of Charlotte, Lexington is a great mid-sized city in North Carolina to consider your retirement. It has roughly 20 senior living facilities and the cost of living is on par with the national average. If you enjoy staying active there are plenty of activities for retirees to get involved in.

Conclusion: Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and has a rich modern city center that is full of rich southern history. If you like the feel of a large busy city with something always going on, Charlotte is the spot to retire in.

It has a strong hospital system with over 20 hospitals located within the city limits and has plenty of retirement facilities available for seniors.

The city is full of life and offers residents a great social scene, incredible parks and outdoor venues as well as a great school system. The cost of living is a bit higher than other metropolitan cities in North Carolina, but you also get much more value.

Conclusion: Winston-Salem is a city bordering Greensboro that is another great option for retirees to consider. The city is central in the state of North Carolina, positioned between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic ocean.

The city offers great tax benefits for retirees such as a flat income tax rate of 5. Retirement communities in Winston-Same offer residents the option of paying zero property taxes. Winston-Salem also has a strong health care system for retirees along with plenty of facilities to help them stay active. The city is also home to six colleges, most notably Wake Forest University.

The cost of living in Chapel Hill is much higher than places on our list with the majority of the population owning their homes. The city has a great health care system along with a very low crime rate. Local Attractions: Some of Chapel Hills most famous local attractions below include:. Vendor List Privacy Policy. Table of Contents. Retirement March 7,


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