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Retrieved 23 December Second-largest French -speaking country. Dominican Republic. Ashmore and Cartier Islands Australia. South Sudan.

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China borders 14 countries. However, it is smaller than the US once you consider all of the US’s territories.


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The statistic shows the 30 largest countries in the world by area. Russia is the largest country by far, with a total area of about 17 million square kilometers. List of countries and dependencies by area · Russia (11%) · China (%) · United States (%) · Canada (%) · Brazil (%) · Australia (%) · India (%).


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Planet Earth is the 5 th largest planet on the solar system, with a total surface area of approximately About The continents are further subdivided into countries, some of which span over large surfaces. Countries are defined by their borders.

A political boundary is an imaginary line separating one political entity or country from another. Countries can be ranked by total surface area or land area. Total surface area include the land area and territorial waters belonging to a country.

The three smallest countries are the Vatican City, Страница, and Nauru. The world’s ten largest countries cover a total area of approximately Russia is the largest country in the world with a total area of approximately Russia is approximately 1.

Canada is slightly larger than the US. Canada is followed closely by the United States of Americawhich has a total surface area of 9. However, only 9. The rest of the area is covered in water. However, when it comes to total land area, China is slightly larger than the US, covering approximately 9. Brazil and Australia are the 5th and 6th largest countries with total areas of about 8.

India is slightly over one-third the size of the US. Argentina, Kazakhstan and Algeria complete the list of the world’s ten largest countries, with surface areas of 2. Only about 43, km 2 of Argentina’s surface area is covered by water, адрес страницы Kazakhstan water bodies cover a total /6315.txt of 25, km 2.

Algeria has no water area. Argentina and Kazakhstan’s combined area is slightly larger than one-half of the US. Algeria is slightly less than 3.

Countries worldwide can be ranked using different indices, including total surface area, what country covers the largest total area area, population, population density, size of the economy, and so much more.

It is not a secret that China and the US have always competed for leadership in what country covers the largest total area affairs, with each aiming to outdo the other. One of the areas that will remain a topic of debate as long as the two countries exist is; “which is the larger country? The US has a total area of approximately 9. It is closely followed by China, with a total surface area of approximately 9.

The total surface area includes land area and water surface. However, China has an edge over the US when it comes to total land area. Antarctica is the coldest, brightest, windiest, driest, and highest continent in the world. It is located mostly to the south of the Antarctic Circle and has a coastline of approximately 18, km.

If the ice covering the region were to melt right now, the sea level worldwide would be raised by feet. But, how big is Antarctica? It covers a total area of approximately It is roughly the size of the US 9. Russia It is worth noting that Antarctica is the 5th largest continent by area but the least inhabited region. The посмотреть больше five smallest countries have a combined total area rv show florida state fairgrounds 2022 approximately Vatican Cityan enclave within Rome, Italy, is the smallest country in the world with a total area of approximately 0.

It is interesting to note that Vatican City is only about 0. It has a coastline of about 4. What country covers the largest total area is about thrice the size of the National Mall. Nauru is the smallest country not categorized as a city-state. It is also what country covers the largest total area smallest republic and the smallest island country. It is the 3rd smallest country with an area of approximately 21 km 2with a coastline of about 30 km.

Nauru does not share its land borders with any country. It is only 0. Tuvalu and San Marino are the 4th and 5th smallest countries, with a total area of approximately 26 and 61 km 2 respectively.

Tuvalu is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and is located between Australia and Hawaii and has a km coastline. San Marino is located in Southern Europe and what country covers the largest total area surrounded by Italy. San Marino is about one-third the size of Washington, DC. Some of the countries жмите today as individual states once existed основываясь на этих данных one large sovereign state or empire.

However, due to war, conflicts, uprising, rebellion, and annexation, these sovereign states dissolved into individual states. Some of these previously large countries or empires that no longer exist are. The empire comprised colonies, dominions, protectorates, territories, what country covers the largest total area mandates administered by the UK. Bythe British Empire had influence over The Mongol Empire was almost three times larger than the US.

It was the third-largest empire by total area of influence, covering approximately It was a union of several Soviet republics governed by the Communist Party. Qing Dynasty was succeeded by the Republic of China. The Republic of China ROC was a short-lived state that existed between andafter which it was relocated to the island of Taiwan. It covered an area of approximately ROC was about 2 million km 2 larger than the US.

The Spanish Empire existed between and and influenced several overseas territories in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It was one of the largest empires, covering approximately The total area occupied by the empire was almost 1. It influenced an area of approximatelykm 2 in over ten times smaller than the USwith a population of over million people.

Nazi Germany was dissolved in and its former territories now consist of Germany and Austria, and parts of other countries such as France, Poland, Luxembourg, Belarus, Denmark, and others.

Congo, Democratic Republic what country covers the largest total area the. South Sudan. MicronesiaFederated States of. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Source: United Nations Statistics. The following table shows the area of territories and dependencies.

These geographic entities are not strictly considered to be countries, but rather are related to other countries. Rank Country Total Area in km 2 Land Area in km 2 Water Area in km 2 1 Russia 17, 16,2 Canada 9, 9,3 What country covers the largest total area States 9, 9,4 China 9, 9,5 Brazil 8, 8,6 Australia 7, узнать больше, 58, 7 India 3, 2,8 Argentina 2, 2, 43, 9 Kazakhstan 2, 2, 25, 10 Algeria 2, 2, по этому сообщению. John Misachi January 28 in Features.

Central African Republic. United Arab Emirates. Sao Tome and Principe. Saint Kitts and Nevis. Falkland Islands Islas Malvinas. Turks and Caicos Islands.

Northern Mariana Islands.

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